Questions + Answers

On health issues...

In November 2011, I took my first trip to Kenya and caught the desire to serve. That next year was one of the craziest, joy filled, exhausting years of my life. In March of 2012, I went to Ghana for the first time. In April, I returned to Kenya. That summer, I spent the months working in inner-city Austin doing homeless ministry. In October, I went to Guatemala for the first time. In November, I returned to Kenya again. And that trip was the one that pushed me over the edge.

Towards the end of my trip, I began feeling...not so great. Later that day, I was diagnosed with malaria. The next week consisted of spending time at the Kenyan hospital we were working at, traveling the long journey back to the States and going to every doctor imaginable in Wichita Falls until someone said "I've dealt with malaria before."

It was scary, I felt alone, The Lord used it to slow me down.

But the fun thing about malaria is that it is dormant in my system! What does that mean? I could have a flare up at any time if my immune system gets low enough. Has this happened yet? Thankfully, no. It has required paying closer attention to my health, and keeping a test kit and treatment at my house in Texas.

Why Kenya? There is work to be done here.

This is a question that is asked a lot, and rightfully so! It is an important one.

There is so much work to be done in the United States. There are people that are hurting, there are people in need and there are people unfamiliar with the Gospel. Why not intentionally work here instead? The answer is... Lily and Sparrow exists for that. Each day our goal is to touch the lives of customers across the country with the Gospel. We work alongside local nonprofits to serve them and therefore serve their clients. We do work here.

Why Kenya? Because the Lord has provided an avenue for it.

Wouldn't it just be easier to donate money to people in Kenya?

Money is an important commodity in the world, whether we like it or not. But the reality is that there are much more important things that money cannot buy. It cannot buy relationships, community, encouragement.

When we take these trips, it is saying to our Kenyan brothers and sisters "you are worth it." It is saying "we are in this together." It is saying "because of Christ, we are family."

But you're going for such a short time...

Short term trips are something that are controversial to many. But, let me remind you, this investment into the lives of my friends in Kenya began seven years ago. I will continue to work alongside some of the same people and create new friendships along the way. When you are working in the light of eternity, things change. Are a few weeks worth it when it could change eternity for one person? Yes. Always yes.

What will the money be used for?

All money raised will go to cover airfare and on ground expenses- such as lodging, food, transportation, etc.

How can I support?

  • Prayer: If you have spent time in a developing country, you know that it is not always easy. It is emotionally draining, physically exhausting and sometimes illness manifests through that. Please pray for health for myself and for our team, you can read more about why here. Please pray that our hearts would be prepared for all that will happen. Please pray for provision.
  • Purchasing items from L+S: Did you know that Lily and Sparrow is my full time job? Every item purchased helps support the ministry done here in the States and internationally.
  • Give directly: Financial support is huge. International travel is expensive. Providing free vision services is expensive. The Gospel is worth it.
  • Attend our L+S fundraiser workshop: We're in the process of scheduling a one time only special workshop with a lower ticket price than normal, and all proceeds will go to support this mission!