Alison in Kenya

My name is Alison Beck, and I am the owner and founder of L+S. By August of 2019, I will also be a full time missionary living in Nairobi, Kenya.

I will be working at the Osigili Rescue Center in Euwaso, Kenya, also known as the Kenyan Schools of Hope. The Osigili Center is designed to rescue girls from FGM and FEM*, two practices done by certain tribal groups around the world.

At the rescue center, I will be creating relationships through bible studies, mentorship and offering spiritual support. I will help communicate and advocate for the girls with their sponsors based around the world, providing updates and photographs of the girls as they grow. In the future, I will be assisting in planning mission trips to the rescue center.

If you are interested in supporting these mission efforts, please consider the following ways:

*For more information on FGM and FEM, please read more here.