Handwritten notes from a loved one that has passed. Tiny hand prints and feet prints. A sonogram, a glimpse at a baby that never made it to its parents arms.

These are the things that we hold close. The things to be cherished. The keepsakes worth embracing forever.

The Keepsake Collection is designed to preserve the moments that you hold close, to serve you in times of joy and in times of sorrow, and to remind you that you were uniquely created by a good, good Father.





Remembrance pieces take the handwriting of your loved one and put them onto a piece that will be cherished forever. We can work from diaries, cards, notes, etc. Each sign is unique, one of a kind and designed with you in mind to honor the memory of your loved one.

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knit together

You were knit together in your mothers womb. (Psalm 139) We work directly from your sonogram, to celebrate this little life. For some, this is the only portrait they will ever see of their sweet baby. A moment in time, gone too soon.



Little hands, little feet. A sweet reminder of a time that goes by too quickly. For some, it is something to cling to for something that ended too soon. Each is intended to be a reminder of a special time, or to comfort grief after infant loss. Each is completely unique, just like your little one.

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created things

Created Things celebrate the artistic side of the children in your life. Have a favorite drawing done by your little one? We work from their creations to give life to them, and to put them on something a little more permanent than your refrigerator.


with love

With Love, from you to your spouse. We take handwritten love notes and create pieces to remind you of your love for one another. We can work from letters, cards, etc. Older notes that are cherished heirlooms now or a letter you wrote yesterday, they are designed to remind you of a great love.

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joyful noise

Joyful noises come in many sounds and forms. From a recorded "I love you" to the heartbeat of a new baby, your Joyful Noise is an abstract sound wave to document sweet memories and spark a conversation in your home.