In 2011, I took my first trip to Kenya. I was instantly captured by the beauty- from the culture, to the landscape, to the people. Everything was beautiful. I knew then that this trip, my first time in the developing world and my first time on an international mission trip, would open a door to many more in the future.

And it did. Since that first trip, I have returned to Kenya four more times. I have been to Ghana in West Africa twice, and Guatemala twice.

In Kenya, the work we do is restoring vision. We work with local doctors to assess problems that can be solved through different types of glasses and surgery. I have spent time working with patients that come to us almost blind, and walk out with restored vision. I have seen miracles happen on the operating table that give me chills thinking about it. (And when I say things like "seen on the operating table, I am actually 100% serious and have some great stories from being in the room while surgery happens)

As you might know, I am no doctor. I have no skill in anything related to nursing. I don't even wear glasses myself. But what the Lord has given me is a willing spirit. An eagerness to learn and to serve. A deep capacity for empathy. And vision that goes beyond physical restoration.

While assisting in physical needs is wonderful, encouraging our brothers and sisters in the Gospel is so much more important. And that's why we go.

In May, I will return to Kenya for my fifth trip. Since announcing to friends and family, there has been a request for a way to support. Here are some tangible ways to support this mission effort:

  • Prayer: If you have spent time in a developing country, you know that it is not always easy. It is emotionally draining, physically exhausting and sometimes illness manifests through that. Please pray for health for myself and for our team, you can read more about why here. Please pray that our hearts would be prepared for all that will happen. Please pray for provision.
  • Purchasing items from L+S: Did you know that Lily and Sparrow is my full time job? Every item purchased helps support the ministry done here in the States and internationally.
  • Give directly: Financial support is huge. International travel is expensive. Providing free vision services is expensive. The Gospel is worth it.
  • Attend our L+S fundraiser workshop: We're hosting The Basics of Hand Lettering May 12 in Wichita Falls, featuring a the lowest price we have ever and will ever offer!